What is EFT?

The essence behind EFT is 'the casuse of all negative emotions it a disruption in the body's energy system' Gary Craig - founder of EFT

Our bodies have a profound electrical nature. The energy courses through the body and is invisible to the naked eye. Obvious examples of the existence of electricity (energy) are ECG (electrical activity of the heart) and EEG (electrical activity of the brain). Scientists agree that the body is an energy configuration made up of positive and negative electical charges in the form of atoms, the basic building blocks of all matter. Our electrical systems are vital to our physical health..

How can EFT be used to manage stress and anger?

Each of the body's major energy pathways (meridians) is believed to be associated with specific emotions. EFT can help to relieve symptoms by gently tapping on various energy meridians on the body which hve become disrupted or imbalanced, due to emotionally disturbing circumstances.

Properly applied, EFT is like a reset button that realigns the energy meridians and releases unwanted negative emotions as well as physical pain. Once balanced, the upset is usually resolved - the memory stays, but the emotional charge is gone. EFT alters how you feel about something.

EFT is safe, easy to apply and is non-invasive. However, it is not a cure all and as such, it should be used as a tool to help us regain balance in our lives.

NOTE: EFT  is easy to learn and can be used as a self-help technique. While EFT has achieved excellent results with many physical and emotionsl problems, the technique should not be seen as a substitute for appropriate medical care and should always be used in conjunction with medical consultation and intervention for such conditions. If in doubt, consult a qualified EFT practitioner.